Bass Angler Magazine Podcast

Heavy Hitters with Randy Howell

Episode Summary

Randy Howell has been in this game for a long time and he just keeps getting better! This Episode Randy talks with us about the heavy hitters event and how his 12+ helped him get in.

Episode Notes

The MLF all time largest bass record holder, Randy Howell with his massive 12.14oz largemouth bass that he caught at Bussey Brake lake in Louisiana stops by the show and gives you some info on how that fish was caught and how it got him into the Heavy Hitters event. 

Then he gives you some insight into the Heavy Hitters  and how you qualify for this event.

Later we discuss his upcoming event (at the time) on Guntersville his home lake, We talk to Mr Howell as he was rigging up rods for this event. 

So come give this a listen I'm sure you are going to love the show!

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